dr oneforty  
           a "portable recorder"          
      a "digital microphone walkman"      
 i  bought  this  a year and  a  half ago 
 with  great  plans  in  mind.   then   i 
 marched  off  in  the  completely  wrong 
 direction and  now i  broke  it  as well 
 what  it  does  is it has  two  internal 
 mics but also xlr for  two external ones 
 and  also  phantom power?  on  three  aa 
 you  record to  a  sd-card (the big one) 
          and thats dandy for me.         
 it  got me through  some  good  forestal 
 though,  which  are  documented  on  the 
               album "moss"               
 back to the gearlist   ohey  
 okay allright oh shit iopened  
 it up and it's dense as fuck      
 it's full of stuff i's incredibly  
 hard for me