In The End, It'S Ride Or Die. Join Or 
   Get Integrated.     
   Eventually They Lay Their Eggs,  
   Usually In Warm, Tasty Places. It'S  
  Bird elf Custom To Let Others Deal  
  With The Fallout.  
   Before Their Juice Harvesting  
  Organs Start To Cludge, And Before  
  Their Wings Atrophy, And Before Their 
  Tails Start To Seek The Earth...   
  These Elves Have No Bell Power, The 
  Fey bells Are Called By Other  
  They Feed Mostly On Plant Nectar In 
  Their First Years, Relying On Rains To 
  Filter Through The Vines Of The  
   They Have Built Their Largest  
  Colony In The Floating tree Outside  
 Of Venezuela.  Any  Bird From  Any House 
 Is Welcome Here.   
  There'S A Desert Of Fangs To Be  
  Cast Into  
  The Largest Gathering Of Such Elves  
  Will Be In The Floating tree  
  Although You Could Find A Solitary  
  Bird elf Hexing You For Stepping  
  Out Of Lane In Your Own Garden,  
  Bird elves Flock Together  
  If They Can.  
  They Look Like Dark BirdS At First  
   Some Practice Animal Husbandry,  
  Especially Monkeys And Snakes  
  (For Fur Or Scales,  
  Or Quality Of Blood).   
  The Floating tree Above  
  Their Claws Are Long  
 And Root-Like, And Trail After Them In  
   Various Dances Performed  
  Later They Will Learn How To  
  Harvest Blood From Animals (Think