The Plant          
 The  Equisetum  Is A  Plant  Much  Older 
 Than  Ferns,  Which  Are  In  Turn  Much 
 Older Than  Most Trees. It'S Light Green 
 To  Yellow  In  Color  And  Is  Slightly 
 The Plant Has A Spine. Each  Vertebra Is 
 Stacked Upon  The  Next, With  Spokelike 
 Ribs Radiating  Outward.  Even So,  It'S 
 Very Light,  Being Hollow.  It'S Roughly 
 The Height Of A  Foxes Tail, And  Shares 
            A Similar Plumage.            
 It  Likes  Partial Shade  And Very  Damp 
          In Magic          
 When  A  Colony  Numbers High Enough, It 
 Slices  The  Air   In  The  Forest  Into 
 Separate  Planes, A  Few  Centimeters In 
 Height.  Time  Can  Get   Diffracted  In 
 These,  Hitting   Each  In  Turn   In  A 
      Slightly Different Angle, And       
          Eventually Spread Thin.