the plant          
 the equisetum  is  a  plant  much  older 
 than  ferns,  which  are  in  turn  much 
 older than most trees. it's  light green 
 to  yellow  in  color  and  is  slightly 
 the plant has a spine.  each vertebra is 
 stacked upon the  next,  with  spokelike 
 ribs radiating  outward.  even  so, it's 
 very light,  being hollow.  it's roughly 
 the  height of  a foxes tail, and shares 
            a similar plumage.            
 it  likes partial  shade  and  very damp 
          in magic          
 when a  colony numbers high  enough,  it 
 slices  the  air  in   the  forest  into 
 separate  planes,  a  few centimeters in 
 height.  time  can  get   diffracted  in 
 these,  hitting  each   in  turn   in  a 
       slightly different angle, and      
         eventually spread thin.