The Frog Box Is             
            A Tool To Shape             
            The Sounds That             
            We Beam Against             
             The  Universe              
         FråGelåDan Aka Frog box          
         Instrument For Rituals,          
       For Convening And Projecting.      
   Operational Ingredients  
  The Frog box Is A Living And Compound   
   Tool, Made Up Of Many Smaller Parts    
       That Wax And Wane Over Time.       
  Currently She Houses A Morphagene, An   
    Antiphon, A Doepfer Wasp filter, An   
  "Elements", A Tabor, A Spring Reverb,   
    And Finally A Physical Instance Of    
           Pamelas New Workout.           
      Former Ingredients      
  We Wish These Concepts A Good Future As 
      We Send Them Away Downstream.       
    Red dragon, Maths, Folktek conduit,   
        Lifeforms sv one, Disting.        
     Planned Ingredients      
                Hooh Boy                
    In My Head This Week: Soundstage,     
    Stages, Rf Nomad, Wogglebug, Lxd,     
   A one oh three, Angle grinder, Etc,