the frog box is             
             a tool to shape            
            the sounds that             
            we beam against             
              the  universe             
         frågelådan aka frog box          
         instrument for rituals,          
      for convening and projecting.       
   operational ingredients  
  the frog box is a living and compound   
   tool, made up of many smaller parts    
       that wax and wane over time.       
  currently she houses a morphagene, an   
   antiphon, a doepfer wasp filter, an    
  "elements", a tabor, a spring reverb,   
    and finally a physical instance of    
           pamelas new workout.           
      former ingredients      
 we wish these concepts a good future as  
      we send them away downstream.       
   red dragon, maths, folktek conduit,    
        lifeforms sv one, disting.        
     planned ingredients      
                hooh boy                
     in my head this week: soundstage,    
     stages, rf nomad, wogglebug, lxd,    
   a one oh three, angle grinder, etc,