an ambifractous observation        
          organizational level          
 the  stated   purpose   is   never   the 
     actuality, everything is used for    
 something  else, perhaps by  design  but 
 also very  much by inevitability.  its a 
 miasma  of  secret  intetions.  you  can 
                never know.               
            individual level            
      to navigate these currents and      
 corridors you need to be  somewhat false 
 yourself,  if  there  is  such  a thing. 
 it's about not  playing  your hand until 
 the cotton candy's worn off. it's  about 
 pretending  not  to notice  so that  you 
 can be  where you  have  to be  for  the 
                next step.                
            conscious level             
 it  takes  about a second for  phenomena 
 to reach  your conscious brain.  by this 
 time   it   has   already   been   fully 
 processed.  youre body has begun to move 
 in  anticipation, before  the  event has 
         even happened (for you).         
 not much  more but the conscious logbook 
 for  your  body, as it roams  around the 
      continent avaliable to you. the     
  mind-body needs lucubration and that's  
 your job, to  gather and process data to 
 adjust the decision making  process.  to 
 be connected to zoom, to microsoft teams 
           etymological level           
 there  is  no  actual  "borders" between 
 anything, the  thing and  the  not-thing 
 is  a  false dichtonomy. there  is  only 
 one   object,   in  the  whole   of  the 
  universe, one continuous object, which  
      encompasses all of everything.      
 all distinctions within  this object are 
                 made up.