Space wolves Come To You If The Dirt  
  In Your Spaceship Allows It,  
  If Your Discarded Fur And Skin Flakes  
  Form A Soil, If Your Tears Turn To  
 Life-Giving Water, Then The Space Wolves 
  Will Come And Cultivate  
  When Your Ships Computer Puts You To  
 Sub-Sleep ...  
  When The Stars Hypnotize 
 You For Hours On End ...  
  When You Are 
  Chopping Water From The Asteroid ...  
  Then They Teleport In, Unseen, Just A  
  Few Inches High, And Plant Seeds In  
  Your Nooks And Holes  
  Behind The Control Panel  
  In The Weird Joint Between Segments  
  On The Strips Where The Vacuum Cleaner  
  Does Not Reach  
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