Grimeton Peak     
 Grimeton, The  Mountain Peak Of  Eternal 
 Spring.  And  Even  Though  That'S  Only 
 Actually  True  At   A  Belt  Along  The 
   Circumference, That Belt Is Precisely  
           Where The Station Is.          
  Frost On The Windows Glowing Yellow In  
  The Morning Sun, Small Birds Chirping   
   From The Young Trees. Patches Of Snow  
    On The Grass... Meltwater From The    
   We Would Wake Up As The Sun Hit Our    
     Faces, Bringing Us Back From The     
    Depths; The Nature Of The Night Was   
    Also Different, As If The Darkness    
  Behind Our Eyelids Was Clearer And You  
      Could See Further Than Before.      
    Breakfast, Then A Walk Through The    
  Grounds To See If Things Were In Order. 
  Some Mornings A Tree Would Have Fallen, 
 Or Tiles Would'Ve Dropped Off A Roof. A  
     Few Times Electricity Was Out...     
    Usually Then A Dead Mouse Would Be    
   Found At The Batteries, Having Gnawed  
             Through A Cable.