Birdless Night... Moon Is Bright...   
       Time To Go Hunting For Animal      
    Anyone Can Hunt But Only A Skilled    
   Hunter Knows Where To Find The Good    
  In The Bone Forests... In Holes In The  
    Asphalt... (They Like The Texture)    
   They Release Pheromones When Happy Or  
   Scared! Learn To Recognize These And   
        You Will Be Better For It.        
  Demons Are Their Enemies And Will Try   
    To Get Them First. Birds Are Their    
 Allies And Will Scare Them Away If They  
                Spot You.                 
   Animal Consists Of Flesh And Spirit    
 Animal Is Highly Valuable In The Market  
     Animal Wants You To Look In Its      
             Eyes As It Dies              
  For Every Four Animal You Get One Free!