If You Follow A Dirt Road North Just   
   Within The Second Ring, And Navigate   
 The Overgrown Maze Of The North-Eastern  
   Residential District, Eventually You   
    Arrive At What Looks Like A Large     
    Fenced-In Grove Of Bird cherry And    
        Juniper. It'S Quite Large,        
     And Will Take A While To Circle,     
   Especially Since It'S Got Gardens And  
  Walls Sticking Out Of It In More Than A 
     Few Places. But Keep Going, And      
   Eventually There'Ll Be Lilacs, And A   
            Hole In The Fence.            
 Go Inside. Well, It'S Hollow,  And Hides 
 A Pale Swamp  (Herons, Mosquitos).  It'S 
 Brighter Here,  And  The  Sounds  Of The 
 City  Seem Distant. But There'S A Second 
 Grove Inside.  Zig  Zag Between  Puddles 
 And    Sinking   Shipping    Containers, 
 Because  Toward  The Inner Treeline  The 
 Ground     Becomes      Solid     Again. 
  Go Inside. This Time There'S A Cracked  
  Parking Lot, With Sprinkled Dandelions, 
    Lined By Wisteria. East Of It Is An   
  Abandoned Building, What Used To House  
      An Old Restaurant. The Paint Is     
  Chipping, Some Windows Are Broken, But  
        The Signage Is Still There:       
             "Indian Palace".