recruiting takes place in peoples     
 yards, or  outside stores, or with a bit 
         of violence and trickery.        
 throw  the  fourleggers  into   a   van. 
 decode them. sort  them by  species  and 
 decorate  the  dog,  decorate  the  dogs 
 mind,  upsize  the paws,  or  the  whole 
  creature, frame a burroughs portrait,   
 sing a tune about  being brought to your 
 roads end  and reborn as something else. 
 you    can't    go    the   same    way, 
  unfortunately, though another path is   
 open.  a grimier, grainier, more painful 
 approach.  hopefully bliss is at the end 
 of  it,  but  i don't know.  might  just 
 ruin  you.   will  probably  ruin   you.