criminal cat club      
 - sup guys... whats poppin               
 - nothing really... just some minor      
 troubles, the cops, such things...       
 the murdercat kiz answered his boss      
 beside   kiz   lay  viola,  a  girl  cat 
 everyone  liked.  in   a  chair  in  one 
 corner of  the  giant box they  were in, 
 sat   the   orange  outdoor  cat   purr, 
 occupied   with   washing    his    fur. 
 there   were   other   cats    in    the 
 resistance,  but  they  were  out  doing 
 "errands".   the   resistance  had  been 
 created  by petty thieves  and con  cats 
 right   after  the   dog's 
 stated  goal was to give  the dogs a bad 
 its   members   attacked   quickly   and 
 silently, and left no  trace after their 
 missions. they were  wanted  by the  dog 
 police,  mv-nine and  their  own  secret 
 worst of  them  all  was kiz, who killed 
 not  only  dogs,  but  also  humans  and 
 other cats.  he  was the highest  ranked 
 in  the group -  apart from rand...  and 
 had  command over an attack  group,  the 
 anti dog division. it  was feared by the 
 dog police, even by the dogs government. 
 kiz  had just planted a bomb in the dogs 
 government... it  had went  well.  sixty 
 four  dead  and   fourty  six   injured.