egg   eater      
 absolutely spherical  egg.  find  it  on 
    large sandy beaches, upshore where    
 dunes  meet  shadowy  pines.  teal  egg, 
 makes  some  sentient   bird   or  other 
    warm-blooded creature. lanky meat,    
  incredible meat inside, mostly tendons. 
           slithery but strong.           
 the  egg has an  opening. the  egg has a 
 belly  button.   looks   like  a  rubber 
 vortex,  the crust gets soft and becomes 
                 a hole.                  
 and   on   these   beaches   there's   a 
     particular snake or lizard which     
 certainly  eats  insects   most  of  the 
 time, but it knows  a good belly  button 
 when  it sees  one, and knows  to  enter 
                 the egg                  
 it  will  crawl  into  the  teal sphere, 
 dissapear completely and  eat it all up, 
 ruining  the  integrity   of   the  egg. 
        destroying the inhabitant.        
 it's  a  grisly  sight  when  it  cracks 
 open, the  reptile emerging  covered  in 
       bloody half-formed remains.