fermi's paradox      
 on  earth  (the planet  where i live)  a 
 lot  of  us have  antennas on our houses 
 or  balconies,  we  have   built   large 
 antennas  for  larger bandwith, we  have 
      build specialized antennaes for     
    specific wavelengths (and sent them   
 into orbit), we've  built  large as fuck 
              antenna arrays              
 we've  virtually built an antenna with a 
          dish as large as earth.         
 we've learned about our position in  the 
     solar system, our solar systems      
 placement  in   the   galaxy,   and  our 
 galaxys  placement in the local cluster, 
 and our  local  clusters place  in the 
          grand scheme of things          
 and  we're  moving  around  the  sun  at 
 velocity and the suns moving  around the 
 center of the  galaxy  at  velocity  and 
 the galaxy  is  moving toward  andromeda 
   and we're both moving anticlockwise    
 around  the galaxy. and we as  a species 
 have learned to take all that in account 
 and despite  all this, despite  all  our 
   (cliche) beaming of fucking stellar    
 radio  programmes  out in fucking  space 
 at the  speed  of light  (light  is  our 
 medium! goodspeed you, black emperor!),  
      despite ghosts helping and the      
     collective consciousness lowpass     
    filtering, despite our very obvious   
 beaming  of  all  our secrets  in  every 
          direction known to us,          
 no      one       has        answered 
       fermi's paradox      
             so why is that?              
 most opponents to  intelligent  life  in 
 the universe say  it's  because you need 
 a  class one-or-the-other star  and  the 
 planet  needs  to  be  at  a  see-and-so 
 distance away from  the star (like there 
           has to be a planet!)           
 but  really   isn't   that  keeping  the 
      definition of life really lax?      
 i think everyone  agrees that we have no 
 idea what we're doing  (and it  probably 
      fermi's paradox       
 i'm  gonna go smoke my  third  cigarette 
 this year and try to  snatch some  beers 
         from the local beer thing