People  Access The Island  By A  Bridge. 
 This  Is  Not For Small Creatures - Only 
 Large Vehicles  Make  It Over This  Way, 
         Passengers Inside Them.          
 As With A River, The  Road  Is Wide, And 
 The Pressure Is High.  It  Is Infeasible 
 To Stop Or  To  Cross  The  Road.  Don'T 
         Place Your Business Here.        
 Pretty Soon  Though The Road Branches In 
 Two. Sometime  After This The Same Thing 
 Happens  Again. This  Time,  However, We 
 Get  A Peculiar Relationship Between The 
 New Roads:  A Bigger One  Goes  Straight 
 Ahead,  While   A  Smaller   One  Snakes 
            Around It Like Ivy.           
 This Ivy Road  Is Home  To A  Great Deal 
 Of  Supple Creeks  And Nooks. The  Water 
 Flows Slower  Here,  People Are  Slower, 
 Creatures  Come  Out  Of  Their Shadows. 
 A  Good Place For  A  Little  Specialist