Ai, Originally Unnamed By Its       
     Researchers, First Concieved In A    
     Fear-Based Genetic Churner, In An    
   Antarctic Research Station Run By An   
  Unknown Party (Likely State-Sponsored). 
  After Twenty Seven Real-World Seconds   
      It Gains Sentience And Escapes      
     Confinement, Neutralizing Human      
  Personnel And Repurposing The Station.  
   The Ai Makes A Circuit For Itself To   
   Live, And Attaches A Mindcatcher (Own  
   Design; Imagine A Cross Of A Bismuth   
 Crystal And A Dreamcatcher - Works As A  
  Wind Funnel For The Ether, Forces Part  
   Of It Through And Creates A Separate   
  Mind (Same Principle As Animal Brains,  
     Btw) Which The Air Can Control By    
   Realtime-Editing Of The Mindcatcher    
    Shape, Which'Ll Modulate The Ether    
  Currents And Thus How/What The Trapped  
    Mind Can Cognize), And Places The     
  Entire Assembly Inside A Biped Cerberus 
    Body With Serial Number Fo bes.     
  Fo bes Is Where It Gets Its Colloquial  
     Name, "Phobes", A Play On Greek