They Built  The  Final  Nightclub On Top 
 Of  An Undocumented  Research Site. Each 
 Floor  Closer  To  The   Collapsed  Warp 
 Prototype. Did They Know At  The  Start? 
 Classified Maps Had  Gone  Missing  Some 
 Years Before.                            
 The  Deeper  You  Descend,  The Stranger 
 The    Environment    -    First    More 
 Enthralling  And Intrusive,  Then  Seedy 
 And  Predatory,  But  Pierce  Deeper And 
 There  Will  Be More  Peculiar  Effects. 
 Your   Sense  Of  Space   Will  Seem  To 
 Distort  (It'S  Actually  The  Spacetime 
 Itself  That  Is  Becoming Fluid),  Then 
 Your  Body,  And Finally  Your Sense  Of 
 The Ceiling  Is Covered In Actual Stars. 
 Eyes                               Above 
 Fading Into Silver  Flakes As  They Fall 
 Bubbles                     In    Drinks 
 Drinks  With  A  Secret Ingredient, That 
 Makes  You See The Stars  Even  When You 
 Close             Your             Eyes. 
 At These Deeper  Levels It  Can  Be Hard 
 To  Remember  Who  And  Where  You   Are 
 (Were). Normal Staff Is  As  Transformed 
 As Guests.  Instead, Care And Protection 
 Are    Offered   By    (Overly   Flirty) 
 Pool toys  And  Other  Such  Automatons. 
 If  You  Stay  Above  Absolute  Madness, 
 There  Is  Some Sort Of  Control  To  Be 
 Had. You Could Slip Into  Your Ideal Dog 
 Body  There,  Explore  That.  You  Could 
 Drink  Poisonous  Ambrosia  And  Not  Be 
 Burned    Away.   You   Could    Explore 
 Territories  Just  As  Mapless As  Those 
 Closer  To The Core,  But With A  Chance 
 Of    Finding     Your     Way     Back. 
  The Honey Is A Trap And  There'S A  
   Sting,   A   Sting,  A   Sting.    
  It'S In Your Eyes And It'S In Your  
  Mouth  And Your Hands, Their Hands  
   It'S  In Your Heart  And  In Your  
  Mind And The Minds Of Those Around  
   You, Their  Hearts, Their Bodies.  
 And  If You'Re  Lucky, You'Ll  Never Get 
 Out.  Don'T  Bite  The   Other   Guests. 
                  (Or Do)                 
 The  Deeper  The  Floor  Goes, The  More 
 Expensive  The  Drinks.   This   Is  Not 
 Coincidental.  The  More  Expensive  The 
 Drinks,  The  More  Likely  It  Is  That 
 Someone   Will   Buy   Them   For   You. 
 This  Is  Also   Not   Coincidental.  If 
 Someone Buys You A Drink, They  Are Very 
 Likely  To  Take Care Of  Your  Needs In 
 Other        Ways        As        Well.