cat    cat     cat     catcat     catcat 
   book format    book 
 format     twenty...     book     format 
 twentyone...                twentytwo... 
 twentythree...             twentyfour... 
 twentyfive...  twentysix!  here  it  is! 
 dress   your    cat-prisoner   in    the 
 hyperspace  suit.   give   the   cat   a 
 thousand   hour,  one  centimeter   long 
 oxygen   tube,  check  the   comm radio. 
 if  kitten: dress them  in  the  dramazy 
 suit, check  its  integrity,  check  the 
 comm radio.  one  hundred  hours  oxygen 
 tube,      one      centimeter     long. 
 oh! zaiter! turn on data transfer  about 
 the    electro cat man.    here!    he's 
 currently  accessing  information  about 
 sending      cats      into       space. 
 oh!! then we  must immediately warn your 
 kids!!! narya!  zaitra! qina!  where are 
 here!   we    are   in    the    sandbox