teenage engineering presents    
   the pocket operators   
            they break easily             
 for example if you would be to  put them 
              in your pocket              
 here  presented in an  ascending fashion 
              po twelve               
       (drum machine, see po twelve)      
              po fourteen             
 lame   base  synth   i  had   and   sold 
              po sixteen              
    (melody and stuff, see po sixteen)    
               po twenty              
   a chiptune-sounding blip blop machine  
 good for chords and stuff. never used it 
            po twentyfour             
     office rompler? for what reason?     
            po twentyeight            
         melody and stuff mark two        
        (only melodies this time)         
             po thirtytwo             
           drum machine mark two          
 runs  on some  computer software to make 
 your own  drums and whatnot.  but  it is 
            expensive this one