cool people           
    loren schmidt is a game/world/rule    
 designer,  very good,  check them out!!! 
     incredible fiction and games by      
           eighteyes - girlworld          
 visit  the  harmony zone   home  of  the 
                magic wand                
    gijs gieskes makes electroacoustic    
     gadgets, trinkets, installations     
 check  out the website  of ciat lonbarde 
     who makes synths and/or circuits     
    slugbug is pauls incredible music,    
           studio + synth repair          
 my good friend manne moquist has a web!! 
 rest  in  peace  holykonni  dot  com  :( 
 check  out konni's  comic -  towga comic 
                ixt orange                
             dryad technology             
             magnus myrtveit              
     transformer di roboter cool band     
        (was domain jacked, sorry)        
           cool things          
     here's jellicas nsfw teletext art    
       a map of milky way, very cool      
 not  sure   what   ug programm   is  but 
        there's cool writing there        
      the personal image finder finds     
 personal images which can be a good time 
       tony luisi and his vcs three       
          my fav game magic wand          
       seriously very good its about      
    hamperdan, capsule toys, arbitrary    
 roaming around,  and  having bad  memory 
 tratex is  the typeface used  on swedish 
                road signs                
 samples from  a  lot  of  music machines 
        kawaiik is quake but cool         
             isotopes of tin              
   number of electrons in each shell    
         wiki: island of stability        
     there's live electricity stats of    
 swedens  power  grid  on  svk's  website 
   a mind is born (two hundred fiftysix   
  this fursona does not exist is cool to  
 look at  although the  way they acquired 
 a  training  set  :/  is a  bit  iffy :/ 
 arduino for musicians a book  i did  not 
              read yet sorry              
    a lightweight online weather report   
             miniature synths             
  nudat interactive isotope chart thing   
   orca language for music programming