Omega point        
 Things  Are   Getting   More   And  More 
 Complex  (This   Feels   Like   A  Rokos 
 Basilisk  Thing To  Say)  And  More  And 
             More Out Of Hand             
 And, More  And More  Meta,  In The Sense 
 Of   More  And  More   Macro  (Not  When 
    There'S Big Fuckers Walking Around    
   Trashing Skyscrapers, Another Kind Of  
 Lets  Walk Backwards Trough  The Sludge! 
 You And  Me  Are  Animals, Nothing  More 
 (Unless You Are, Then Hat'S  Off To You) 
 What'S An Animal?  A Collective Of Cells 
        With A Single Mind (Kinda)        
 What'S A  Cell? Actually  In This  Sense 
 It'S  A Collective  Of Cells  And Lesser 
   Molecular Machines ("Proteins" Et Al)  
            And Other Fragments           
 What'S  A  Molecule?  Just  A  Bunch  Of 
 Atoms Bound (Fey Concept) Together By  A 
          Set Of Ineffable Rules          
 What'S  An  Atom?  (Things  Are  Getting 
 Alien  At  This  Point)  Well  Basically 
              It'S An "Orb"               
 And   It'S  Made   Up  Of  A  Bunch   Of 
    Different Lesser Orbs (Electrons,     
 Neutrons,  Positrons  - These  Three Are 
 The   Usual  Ones  But   There'S   More) 
 Is  It  Orbs  All  The  Way  Down? No  - 
 Sooner  Or  Later  They  Become  Strings 
 (Vibrating) Or If You'Re  Lucky  Enough, 
   Five Or Eleven-Dimensional Triangular  
 Shapes (At  These  Levels Concepts  Like 
   "Position" And "Dimensions" Start To   
                Break Down)               
 We'Re  Gonna Keep Going  And We'Re Gonna 
 Keep  Getting  Bigger  And   Bigger  And 
 We'Re   Gonna   Lose  Ourselves   In  It 
    Our Cultures Are Probably Sentient    
 Already - Problem Is  Maybe The Cultures 
 Will Make  Up The Parts Of The One Earth 
 And Here  We Start To  Get Into  Fucking 
            Bullshit Territory