a dystopian  mc donalds toilet steals my 
 agency. too  much agency already in this 
 room.  saturated. i can only do what  it 
 wants    in    the    way    it   wants. 
 but:  in  a  miracolous  fraction  of  a 
 second, its true  thoughts  slip through 
 to  me, previously  unheard even by  its 
 builders (the  room  was  thought  to be 
          without consciousness).         
 the  room thinks  about creatures  lying 
 down,   going  off   to   sleep,  making 
  themselves comfortable first... is this 
 only optimizing  a  resting position for 
 the  body?  or  is  there  another  will 
      a dark listening taking place,      
            a silent concert.             
 is  there  another  desire  injected  at 
   hypnagogia? something from the other   
           side, guiding them,            
         arranging their bodies.