at sign, at sign, so many at signs..  
 mom,  what's  an   internet?          
       it's a kind of computer program 
 where  you  can   send  letters  to  the 
       even such a thing is  possible. 
 how  do i  get  it  to  run? press  that 
                       over there. 
 right, andnow?               
      mom, there's a pop up.    it 
     says the internet has been stolen! 
 what?                       yeah,     
      then we must search for it.       
 not  in  the   clothes  chamber...     
      not in  the ice cream machine... 
 not   behind   the   couch...         
   look - stolen; gone from our world.  
  here's the entrance to world three.   
   ok,  let's   go  inside...         
 what  a  coup!  yes!        oh  look, 
 there's  the  royal  ship   of  naboo... 
 ***    database     @     stolen     *** 
 appeared   on   the   electro-billboard. 
 they  went  inside  their house  and saw 
 the  modem  fast asleep  on the  carpet. 
 super  duper  spaceship!  boo  yah!  the 
 thousandth  planet  we  claim  as  ours!