the     subtle     rebellion      
 as  a  monkey based mammal  there is  an 
 inherited veil,  nested  into  our  very 
 bodies,  into the physical structure  of 
 our    mind:   the   urge   to   forget. 
 the  jungle   we  visit  each  night  is 
 cleared  from  our  minds  eye at  every 
 waking hour, no doubt  to  "protect us". 
 we   don't   want    this    protection! 
 we  want to  listen  to the  signal, not 
 the    carrier    of    waking     life! 
 it's   time  to   rebel   against   this 
 predestination  of ours.  it's  time  to 
 soak  in  the dreamy water,  and  what's 
 more,        to        retain        it! 
        chipping away the darkness        
     we can break through the veil. as    
   always, it begins with a journal. we   
 must write down our nightly projections. 
  this will be awkward at first, since it 
   entails breaking sleep - turning on    
  lights in the dark, taking the time to  
          remember and to write.          
  in order to remember, lie still. don't  
    move. disregard all thoughts of the   
    dream being mundane or meaningless.   
   keep chipping away the darkness: what  
    happened? how? how did i get there?   
  what happened before? and before? and   
  sometimes all we get is a feeling, or   
   some lingering spacial awarness of an  
    alien place, or the notion that it    
             rained just now.             
    write it down. whatever tiny thing.   
          note on tape recorders          
  of course i tried tape recorders. they  
  are much more comfortable as i need not 
   open any eyes, or move very much. but  
  they make studying hard - the dream is  
     inside there, hidden away again.     
  we just change one kind of invisibility 
  for another. the purpose of the book is 
              to lay bare.