@                                      $           
           $     TH3     SUBTL3     R3BELL1ON     ¤           
           £                                      %           
           $         »~-=«=-»=»»-«~~»-«=»         ¤           
           &                                      £           
           4S  4 MONK3Y  B4S3D  M4MMAL TH3RE 1S  4N           
           1NH3RITED  V31L,  N3STED  1NTO  OUR V3RY           
           BOD13S,  1NTO TH3 PHYS1C4L  STRUCTUR3 OF           
           OUR    M1ND:   TH3   URG3   TO   FORG3T.           
           *                                      %           
           %                                      §           
           TH3  JUNGL3  W3  V1SIT  34CH   N1GHT  1S           
           CL34RED  FROM OUR  M1NDS  3YE  4T  3VERY           
           W4K1NG HOUR, NO  DOUBT TO  "PROT3CT US".           
           $                                      %           
           $                                      *           
           W3    DON'T    W4NT   TH1S   PROT3CT1ON!           
           %                                      ¤           
           W3  W4NT TO L1ST3N  TO TH3  S1GN4L,  NOT           
           TH3     C4RR13R    OF    W4K1NG    L1F3!           
           %                                      %           
           §                                      $           
           1T'S   T1M3   TO   R3BEL   4GA1NST  TH1S           
           PR3DEST1N4TION OF  OURS.  1T'S  T1M3  TO           
           SO4K  1N  TH3 DR34MY  W4T3R, 4ND  WH4T'S           
           MOR3,        TO        R3T41N        1T!           
           $                                      $           
                  CH1PPING 4WAY TH3 D4RKN3SS                  
              W3 C4N BR34K THROUGH TH3 V31L. 4S               
             4LWAYS, 1T B3G1NS W1TH 4 JOURN4L. W3             
           MUST WR1T3 DOWN OUR N1GHTLY PROJ3CT1ONS.           
            TH1S W1LL B3 4WKWARD 4T F1RST, S1NC3 1T           
              3NT41LS BR34K1NG SL3EP - TURN1NG ON             
            L1GHTS 1N TH3 D4RK, T4K1NG TH3 T1M3 TO            
                    R3MEMBER 4ND TO WR1T3.                    
            1N ORD3R TO R3MEMBER, L13 ST1LL. DON'T            
              MOV3. D1SR3G4RD 4LL THOUGHTS OF TH3             
             DR34M B31NG MUND4N3 OR M34N1NGLESS.              
            K3EP CH1PPING 4WAY TH3 D4RKN3SS: WH4T             
              H4PP3NED? HOW? HOW D1D 1 G3T TH3RE?             
             WH4T H4PP3NED B3FORE? 4ND B3FORE? 4ND            
             SOM3T1MES 4LL W3 G3T 1S 4 F3EL1NG, OR            
             SOM3 L1NG3RING SP4C1AL 4WARN3SS OF 4N            
              4L13N PL4C3, OR TH3 NOT1ON TH4T 1T              
                       R41N3D JUST NOW.                       
              WR1T3 1T DOWN. WH4T3VER T1NY TH1NG.             
                    NOT3 ON T4P3 R3CORDERS                    
            OF COURS3 1 TR13D T4P3 R3CORDERS. TH3Y            
            4R3 MUCH MOR3 COMFORT4BL3 4S 1 N3ED NOT           
            OP3N 4NY 3YES, OR MOV3 V3RY MUCH. BUT             
            TH3Y M4K3 STUDY1NG H4RD - TH3 DR34M 1S            
               1NSID3 TH3RE, H1DD3N 4WAY 4GA1N.               
           W3 JUST CH4NG3 ON3 K1ND OF 1NVISIBILITY            
            FOR 4NOTH3R. TH3 PURPOS3 OF TH3 BOOK 1S           
                        TO ~L4Y B4R3~.