times  to  be  awake.   different  times 
 to   be  awake  and  to  become   awake. 
      waking up at different times.       
 a  cheat  sheet   for  revolving  people 
   nine  pm  to  around   one  am   
 these are  not  good  hours  to  wake up 
 since  you   have   a  lot  of  darkness 
 in  front  of  you,  and  will  shun the 
 day  even  if   you  missed  its  light. 
    two   am    to    four    am    
 tricky  but   serene  morning  hours  in 
 the  summer,  and maybe  a bit too  dark 
 in  winter. when they are good, they are 
 among the best.  the blackbird starts to 
 sing here.  the  sky turns a dark  blue. 
          stars begin to vanish.          
    five   am   to   eight    am    
 standard early morning, could be good if 
 youre coming here from an earlier waking 
 hour.  could  be   bad  if  youre  going 
 backwards. beautiful if you go  outside. 
    nine   am   to   twelve   pm    
 waking  up  like  a  reasonable  person. 
    one   pm    to   three   pm     
 still  pretty  reasonable,  but  at  the 
    beginning of something... tricky.     
    four   pm   to   eight   pm     
 well this  is  probably the opposite  of 
 what  you should want and not very good. 
 in   summer,   youll  still  have   some 
 daylight...  in  winter,  not  so  much. 
 times  are  going  to be  tough  anyway.