the  apartment smells of  old coffee and 
 sweeteners.  i don't know  how i  let it 
 get  like  this.  it's  not intentional. 
 i  wear yellow  tinted glasses. the room 
 changes  shape a  lot. right now there's 
 a  blue  sofa   with  yellow   seams.  i 
    experiment with different colored     
       lights. i'm learning things.       
 my  thoughts are  revolving around time, 
 and the  perception of it. can i make it 
 rigid? if i really  want to, can i  make 
 it  feel like  there  is  enough  of it? 
    also, and maybe, ultimately, more     
 important - can  i make it feel  like it 
              doesn't matter?