The Apartment  Smells  Of Old Coffee And 
 SweetenerS. I  Don'T  Know How I Let  It 
 Get  Like  This.  It'S  Not Intentional. 
 I Wear  Yellow TintEd Glasses.  The Room 
 Changes  Shape A  Lot. Right Now There'S 
 A  Blue  Sofa  With   Yellow  Seams.   I 
     Experiment With Different Colored    
       LightS. I'M Learning Things.       
 My Thoughts  Are  Revolving Around Time, 
 And The Perception Of It. Can I Make  It 
 Rigid? If I  Really Want To,  Can I Make 
 It  Feel Like  There  Is  Enough Of  It? 
    Also, And Maybe, Ultimately, More     
 Important - Can  I Make  It Feel Like It 
              Doesn'T Matter?