vidmi     (minor      deity)      
   white ferret, sometimes translucent,   
       patron over those in need of       
            specialized tools.            
       sometimes what you need may        
    mysteriously present itself on the    
  forest floor, or in the corner of your  
    weird house? this is vidmi's light    
      shining on you. it's an honor!      
   no seriously, it is, and you should    
   thank her. she's somewhat vain, and    
 very rancourous... might be a good idea  
             to seem grateful.            
   in older times, she was said to be a   
  war goddess and ruler of ferrets, them  
   being her minions. they were able to   
   shimmer in anywhere and she had them   
  change seemingly unimportant details in 
   specific places, hinting of some kind  
              of prescience.              
  this other version of vidmi has since   
      been more or less forgotten...