cannot process egg file        
 this egg is a  message and part  of a 
 system of  messages pay  attention to 
 sending  this  message  was important to 
 us  we  considered ourselves  to  be  a 
 powerful culture                        
 this egg is  not a being of honor  no 
 highly  esteemed  deed  is  commemorated 
 here   nothing   valued   is  here 
 what   is   here   was   dangerous   and 
 repulsive  to  us  this  message  is  a 
 warning about danger                    
 the  egg  is in a particular location 
 it increases  towards  a  center  the 
 center  of   danger  is   her  of   a 
 particular size and shape and below us 
 the danger is to  the body and  she can