Alcohol Is Legal! Robo Dance.Wma     
 I Think I Have A Natural Gaba Deficiency 
 I Dont  Know, I Feel Happy, Because One. 
 Dopamine  Release? Iodk And There'S This 
       Feeling That Nothing Matters       
            In the end, Sweet             
 Around  Thirty  Percent Of  The  Alcohol 
 Enters The  BloodStream  Already In  The 
 Mouth, Or So I'Ve Heard.  Got To Look Up 
           The Numbers On That.           
 Finally Someone Let Me  Out  Of My Drunk 
 Time  For  Me   Is   Beautiful  Cuz   Im 
              Infinity Munk               
 I  Can Do It Anyway Inside And  Withside 
               Am Side And                
 Im A Spherical  Entity!  Im  From  Outer 
 Oki  I Just Drank  Three  Mouthfulls  Of 
 Wine.  I  Drank  Four Strong  Beers  And 
 Maybe Three Or Four  Mouthfulls Of Wine. 
 A  Thing  I Dont  Care  About The  Taste 
 Anymore  I  Do At The Start But Not Now. 
 Theres  A  Timeline Going From  Care  To 
                 Not Care                 
 Haha  Suddenly  O  Had   On  Some  Weurd 
 Finger On  My Finger  Then Yesterday And 
 I  Accidentally Locked Then I Was On The 
 Toilet Lol Mbut  Wew There Was Something 
 Wrong With  F  -Inger. I  Mean  With  My 
 Left Index  Finger Notjing Wrong With My 
 Right  Chopped   Myself   With  ,An  Axe 
 Wtf Is  Why Have  I The Wrong  Finger As 
 Read   More  About   Types   Of  Alcohol 
    Beer     Wine     Cider    Kir