Fat Cap                 
 In Gardens Among Stones Along The  River 
 Grows  The  Mushroom. Between  Ferns And 
 Horsemint  Grows The Mushroom. Along The 
 Creek, With  A  Reddish  Cap  And  White 
 Stem And  Quirky Gleam In Its Eyes Grows 
              The Mushroom.               
 I Am  Dreaming. A Package  Has  Arrived. 
 Through  The Park I  Go  To  Pick It  Up 
 From  A Bitter Lady. A  Slot In A  Wall, 
 Lady Inside,  Me  Outside With The  Rest 
              Of The World.               
 Delivered Is A Ny fat cap, A  Nozzle (Or 
       "Cap") For Spray Paint Cans.       
 Through  Young Forest,  Thin And Rubbery 
 Whips Shoot Up  From The Earth. Kirskale 
    Around My Feet. Concrete Trenches,    
 Abandoned  Gray Walls.  I Shall Try  The 
             New Nozzle Here.             
 The Paint Inside  Comes  Out,  It  Comes 
 Like A Massage  Shower,  It Comes Like A 
 Thick  And Slow Beam. Rich With  Red And 
               Gooey Paint.               
 Doesn'T  Hit  Anything.  It  Keeps Going 
 And  Never   Reaches   The  Walls.  It'S 
 Forever  Falling, But  Nothing  Will  Be 
            I Think To Myself:            
       "New york Fat cap" Is Weird