Foxes' Trill                             
           The Creature Is More           
   Than Its Groomed Face; There Is Also   
         The Homocidal Tendencies         
 It Has  An  Extremely  Efficient  Way Of 
 Accomplishing  This  -  By  Making   The 
 Hominid An Accomplice.                   
 The  Fox  Emits Different Calls  To Make 
 Him  Supplicant To  Its Desires;  Making 
 Him  Desperately  Need  Things,  And  In 
 Response    Do    The   Foxes'   Bidding 
 And  It'S  Like.  He Is Knocked  To  The 
 Ground. He Is  Pushed  Around The  Room. 
 And  Each Shove  Is  A Tease, Asking Him 
 To Bite Back                             
 But   He  Has  No   Chance:  He  Is  Too 
 Intoxicated Already By  The Sweet Sounds 
 Of  The  Fox.  His  Maw Moves  Slow. His 
 Bite    Is    Weak.   And   The   Canine 
 And The Fourlegger,                      
 And He'S  Only  Kept  Alive  As  Long As 
 He'S Fun To Play With