the secret meaning            
        of places                  
   sell time to find me. magnetic        
 things last longer. the physical         
 manifestation of [???] objects stored    
 in ether. stored... aged, like whiskey.  
 there's a great [???]mark around where   
 [is] and [???]                           
 i see ten thousand tribes from here,     
 and kind [???]                           
 if i told about pylons etc               
  grimes, like in mistborn       
        bloody-minded vore-willing        
    filth-willing spring-wolf         
     (plants who smell like food?)      
 he roams... everything is like a garden. 
                            a "garden"  
 to expand on the concept of normalcy:   
   the flesh is    
 the centerpiece - it filters your       
 experience, soaks up impressions like a 
 sponge [???] a [???] a sponge that       
 colours its burden. it empties itself in 
 your brain.                            
  the brain is also a filter,            
   a distorter, a guardian, a sleuth,     
  a full on [???] malicious [???] [???]  
   meter man, [???]                      
  mess with the body and [???] the      
   falsely colored impressions are        
            differently.. they'll travel 
 another road... another reality is built 
 mess with the brain as well...          
 all properties are lost.. everything is 
 made of sand. [???] four dimensional     
 the wolf is thus like                 
                     a fluid           
 moss, forest, "the wild", shadows, the   
 darkness at the side of the road,        
 secret places in general. a secret      
 spectrum of animals.                    
 eight bars of information, looping      
 among the sounds                        
  of some unmarked treasure... often as a 
   fractalesque rabbit hole - unmapped    
     territory condensed to a point.     
 something escaped [???] possibly looming 
         at the center of the map         
  addicted to the sylveon feelers. i am   
  going to throw all of my things out. i  
      am going to destroy all my shit     
   i was in the lake and the water wass   
 still. i was in the lake and bent myself 
 into an arc over the water below me and  
   watched the horizon under me, with my  
           breathing adjusted            
 junehop two secret bug trax             
            softcore anime dub         
 vocal sleaze twenty twentyone           
  qr-horo (wolf girl but expressed        
      as a two dimensional bar code)