hilbert curve.              
 a hilbert curve is  a  type of  fractal. 
 right? hmm, how  does it go. it's  about 
 scrunge.   about  squinking  a   lot  of 
        surface area down a tube.         
 a  notable  example  is  the   capacitor 
 (electric component)  where they make  a 
 kind  of three dimensional metal hilbert 
 that's then  also filled with some sorta 
 electrolyte  juice. oh  shit  here  come 
 the  cops           
        ah  as i 
 was   saying.   we    need   these   for 
      continuous operation of various     
 (it's comforting that most  circuits are 
 still built on a  deeper layer of spells 
    and semaphores like this. physical    
            semantics. shapes)