Hilbert curve.              
 A  Hilbert  Curve Is A  Type Of Fractal. 
 Right?  Hmm, How Does  It Go. It'S About 
 Scrunge.   About  Squinking  A  Lot   Of 
         Surface Area Down A Tube.        
 A  Notable   Example  Is  The  Capacitor 
 (Electric Component) Where They  Make  A 
 Kind Of Three Dimensional Metal  Hilbert 
 That'S Then Also Filled  With Some Sorta 
 Electrolyte  Juice.  Oh  Shit  Here Come 
 The  Cops           
        Ah  As I 
 Was    Saying.   We   Need   These   For 
      Continuous Operation Of Various     
 (It'S Comforting That Most  Circuits Are 
 Still Built On A Deeper Layer  Of Spells 
    And Semaphores Like This. Physical    
            Semantics. Shapes)