Once There Was A Family With Two    
 Kids. They Were Called Felicia, Johan.   
 The Kids Wanted A Pet, But They          
 Couldn'T Afford It.                      
   One Day, When Johan Had Just        
 Received His Allowance, He Had Saved     
 Enough To Get A Particular Cat That Was  
 For Sale. They Bought One. It Was        
 Called Persian. They Made Sure He Had    
 It Allright.                             
   One Day, Persian Found A Note On    
 The Table. It Said: This Is Important!   
 This Here Note I Write In My Almost      
 Last Moment. Save Me!!! From Enok.       
   Strangely Enough, Persian           
 Understood The Note. He Didn'T Know Who  
 Enok Was, But He Understood It Was       
   Miaouuu!!!!! Miaouuuuu!!!!! He      
 MeowEd From The Kitchen. Felicia Came    
   When She Saw The Note She Fainted.  
 Persian Tilted His Head. Then He Ran To  
 Get Felicias And Johans Mother. He       
 Pulled, Yes He Pulled Her Into The       
 Kitchen (Her Name Was Anna By The Way),  
 And When She Saw Felicia She             
 Immediately Forgot Persians Powers.      
 Suddenly, Persian Got A Red Ruby In His  
 Forehead. Then Wings. And After That, A  
 Computer Came Out Of Him On Which It     
 This Was Seen By Felicia Who Had         
   Persian Took Off., And Flew Toward  
 The Window. From His Eyes... From His    
 Eyes Came A Beam That Melted The Window  
 Glass. Outside, Persian Met A Flame. It  
 Was Ninetales. And Ponyta.               
   Persian Landed: He Spoke Vulpix:    
   Then They All Flew Inside. Persian  
 Took Johan. Ninetales Took Felicia.      
 Ponyta Took Anna. Now They All Flew      
 Together To An Unknown Island.           
   They Saw A House. They Entered It.  
 Inside They Found: Periscope, Money,     
 Food, Laser Pistols, Computerized        
 Typewriter And Much More.                
   Johan Looked Through The            
 Periscope. And Guess What He Saw! His    
 Real House Was On Fire.                  
   Then He Jumped Onto Ponytas Back.   
 Vulipx Took Care Of Anna. And Persian    
 Felicia. Johan Brought A Laser Pistol.   
 They Flew Back To The Mainland. And      
 Landed At The School. Just Then A Lot    
 Of Dudes With Guns Appeared From The     
  - Look Out! They Heard Persian     
   Everybody Got Off Their Figure.     
   Vulipx Was Transformed Into         
 Ninetales!!! And Ponyta Was Transformed  
 Into Rapidash!!!                         
   Then There Were Fires And Lasers    
 Both Here And There,,                    
   The Ninetale Beamed Everyone Onto   
 The Starship Ss enterprise. They Went    
 To Something Called Roughly Dimension    
 Nnn**?%. There, There Were Only        
   Bulbasaur Said: Hello Persian!      
   Johan Was Scared. He Fainted. A     
 Sign Said "Dont Exit!". Ninetales Went   
 That Way. He Is Falling Down A Cliff     
 Heeeelp!!! He Screamed.                  
  - Do You Think He Is Dead?         
  - Not Ninetales, Said Rapidash.    
   Suddenly, There Were Rainbows       
 Above The Cliff. Then It Happened. A     
 Volcano Erupted.                         
  - Poor Ninetales!                  
  - Persian, Don'T Cry Now.          
   Anna Found A Green Ruby, And A      
 Blue One. They Beamed At The Volcano.    
 It Stopped Squirting.                    
           Chapter Two            
   After A Days Walk They Found A      
  - Weird Colour, Haha.              
  - But                              
  - "But" What.                      
  - Vulpix! It'S Vulpix!             
  - You Are Allright... Right?       
  - Yes.                             
   A Dragon! Everyone Ran Into A       
 Cave. Enok! You'Re Here! But It Wasn'T   
 Enok. It Was A Kitten.                   
   It Had Like A Glowy Thing In It'S   
 Forehead. It Told Them It Was Called     
 Meowth. Vulpix Told The Story Of What    
 Had Happened, And Meow (As It Is         
 Pronounced) Wanted To Join Them. After   
 Eight Hours Of Walking They Spotted A    
 Knife With Holes In It.                  
  - What A Strange Knife, Said