this  is   not   a  resurrection.  the 
 subject  will   be  devoured   in  full. 
  hole, burrow, tunnel,  hall. rough  
  wet stone. a carved knot, a carved  
   portal,  a  sign   system.   an    
       obscuring      darkness.       
 creating this kind of  eternal  presence 
 is all  down  to the funeral rites. yes, 
 the subject must die as  a  first  step, 
 and  the  rest must follow quickly after 
 that. you could burn the  bodily remains 
 or  feed it to a marsh, it's  the spirit 
 we wish to ensnare.                      
 to  lure  the   spirit,   use   objects, 
 persons, or  pets that were important to 
 them.  submerge  the  objects  in  honey 
 from bees fed  with  mugwort,  and treat 
 the lure as being the  offering  for the 
 first ritual.                            
 binding is  easy,  use  whichever  sigil 
 you  like,  although  it  helps in later 
 worshipping to  have  ascribed  it  some 
 abstract  meaning or virtue  beforehand. 
 remember  that  it's  not the  subject's 
 spirit that is  to  be the target!  when 
 the spirit is  caught in the honey, they 
 in  turn  become the  offering  for  the 
 second-order spell. it's  whatever  that 
 then  tries  to  consume  them that  you 
 must bind.                               
 the next  few steps i can't  predict, as 
 that  would  only  serve to mislead you. 
 the important  part is the trap outlined 
 above.  to  then  successfully  tame the 
 demon  you  must be  aware  of  regional 
 varieties, what  kind of  circle  you've 
 constructed, and  so on.  in the  end it 
 comes  down to  what you're  comfortable 
 with. the key point  however, is to give 
 it  no  other  fuel  than   the  honeyed 
 spirit,    forcing    the    demon    to 
 internalize  it   and  become  saturated 
 with it  (like  dripping ink  in  water, 
 but     the     other    way    around). 
 in  the  end you should  have an entity, 
 branded with the  personality and  vices 
 of the subject, if not  the morals. good