we might find ourselves in  the land  of 
    kirugu vargir. the borders are not    
 known!   it  spans  until   it   doesnt, 
 roughly. people know where  they are, or 
 they have  a hunch. below is the map. it 
          is somewhat zoomed in.          
 kirugu  vargir  has  one  town,  a   big 
   settlement or aggregation of peoples   
 and  buildings.  it's also called kirugu 
 vargir, located where  the forest  falls 
 into  the  desert.  in the heart of  the 
 city stands  the  crypt where they  keep 
 veszelle, the comatose girl  whose dream 
 this is (she has  been stolen from earth 
           by a pack of martens)          
 there is a  law but it  is  watered down 
 the   further   away   you  go  (inverse 
 the desert is not so  full of life,  but 
 it is  there! a lizard-like people  make 
 their  homes   in   the  caverns   below 
       ground. they are the original      
         collectors of the honey.         
         great woods        
 in the forest  are minor  food producing 
        settlements, mines (battery       
      production), witches and other      
 magicians,  and lots of prey. kirugu has 
   an overrepresentation of ferrets and   
 they  are  also  made  somewhere in here 
 (ferretary?), down to  the southwest. in 
 the  southeast are  some  mountains  and