Mirage Class Goth Gf          
 I Used To Be A Goth, In My Youth, Doing  
  Crimes Mostly From Or In My Beloved And 
   Trusted Car, And Sometimes My Mothers  
   Barn. We Lived Just Outside Town, A    
   Grove At The End Of A Dirt Road, And   
   The Barn Was Placed So You Could Just  
 Make Out The Surrounding Fields Through  
                The Trees.                
   My Car Was Black And Loud, Both The    
   Engine And The Way The Parts Didn'T    
     Really Stick Together. I Took My     
  Crimefriend For Rides, In The Dark, The 
   Eternal Dark That Seemed To Surround   
   Us. She Seemed To Cast This Veil Over  
  Everything. Her Black Skirt Reached To  
   Her Knees But Then Somehow Also Back   
  Around, Enveloping All My Memories Of   
            Our Time Together.            
  There Was Blood Everywhere. Sometimes   
   The Blood Was Her Red Lipstick Or Her  
  Checkered Shirt. She Was On Television. 
     We Did Crime, And We Made Weird      
 Structures In The Barn, Tall Pillars Of  
  Dark Wood, Ladders And Plateaus, Fires  
  And Fairy Lights. We Would Sleep There  
  And Drink There And She Would Go In The 
 And Then The Sun Came Out, And She Went  
  Away. Everything Changed... I Yearned,  
   And The World Became Dull Around Me.   
    I Stopped Doing Crime, Except When    
  Necessarry. Things Somehow Seemed Like  
  They Were Allright, Moulded In Place,   
   And I Loathed It ------ I Missed Her   
                 So Much.                 
  I Searched For Her, But Nobody Had Any  
    Memories Of Her. Not So Much Of Me    
  Either, From The Time We Were Together. 
  My Mother Said I Kept To Myself In The  
           Barn, Or In The Car.           
     Sometimes I Could Still See Her      
    Flashing By On The Tv In The Barn.    
     Everything Was Black Then, For A     
  Moment. I Remembered Her Laugh And Knew 
   We Had Done Crimes Together, That It   
             Had Been Real...             
    I Died By Getting Shot In The Head    
  While Ramming The Fence To A Military   
   Facility. By This Time They Had Been   
    Chasing Me For Days. I Lost Control   
   Over The Car, Crashed It Into A Rock   
    Wall And Flew Out The Windshield.     
  And Then I Got Up, And Looked Around.   
   It Was Dark, Where It Previously Had   
    Been A Bright Day. Around Me Where    
   Dozens Of Crashed Cars, All My Car,    
               Some On Fire.              
       The Ground Was Sticky, Red.        
   And Then I Realized That I Knew This   
     Darkness. I Knew The Way The Sky     
  Touched The Ground. This Was Her Doing! 
               She Was Here!