Ok Im Once  
        Pizza              Again Lying In 
                     Bed Late At      
             Thought                Night 
 About              Dungeon               
 Food And                 
  Where To Get It                         
 And What To Get, If Youre Eating Un      
  Pizza Places, Pizzerias:                
  Excelle ; Napoli ; The One Beneath    
  Samuel (Thin Pizzas?) ; Via Venetto ; 
 The One At Pax Cafe ; No Eleven ;      
  Pizza Alovers ; Charlie, Alwins ;     
 Maestro ; Pizza Hut - What Is This Any  
      The One At Funkibator ; The One    
      At The Library Without Plates ;    
   Done: Four Out 
  Thirty                   Of Eleven      
  Three Percent                           
     Imaging: Photoshop Interior, Marking 
     Lines, Mspaint Drag Array, Leaky Old 
     Things, Reuse Without Hiding It      
 Ok Im Oce Again Lying In Bed Late At     
 Night Thinking About Food And What       
 Burger To Get Tomorrow, I Think Im Done  
 With Pizza For A While, But I'D Never    
 Say No To A Burger,                      
 Do I Have To Go To Burger king Though    
 Because If So I Have To Walk Beside The