sleep is the most important meal  of the 
 day.  sleep  is  saying  goodbye  for  a 
 while. if you  can dream, you  also  get 
 to  visit  friends  and  other  animals. 
 deeper  than death  is to  be  alive and 
 asleep. it is death if it  was temporary 
             and rejuvenating.            
 sleep  is  a  black  marble  outside  of 
 which there  is nothing.  inside is  all 
 the   stars   and  in   the   middle   a 
 black lake. at  the  foot  of this  lake 
          stands an old friend.           
 when  you sleep all  sound is  internal. 
 when  you  sleep  your  brain   shrinks. 
 if you wish  to measure sleep, use these 
    four quantifiers:: grip, deepness,    
    otherworldiness and revitalization.   
 grip  goes from not being able to let go 
 all   day  (left)   to  not   caring  to 
             remember (right).            
     deepness goes from being several     
 hundred  meters  down (left)  to  barely 
       touching the surface (right).      
   otherworldliness goes from a single    
  coherent dreamscape (left), via normal  
 dream  amounts  (middle)  to  no  dreams 
 revitalization  goes  from a  feeling of 
 not having slept  at all (left) to being 
 full  of   energy  and  maybe   optimism 
 high  otherworldliness and  high grip is 
     a particularly effective combo.      
              see also              
              sleep deities               
               the blackbird              
 this  is  still  a  place: here, in  the 
 silence,   darkness  and  night  -   and 
 loneliness, holding  a kind of  dilution 
 of  reality,  and   suddenly  it's   not 
 important  that i  lie in  my  bed,  the 
 lack  of   presence  brings  the  notion 
 that,  if  i  do  not  choose  sleep,  i 
    choose past, future, something with   
 more   substance  than  the  objects   i 
           surround myself with.