Sleep Deprivation          
 I Did Not  Sleep For  Perhaps Thirty Two 
 Hours And Felt  During The Car Ride Home 
 That Holy Shit,  Now  It'S  DreamY,  Had 
 Almost Oev'S  And Very  Gorgeous  (But A 
 Bit  Dark?) Thoughts.  I  Was Afraid  It 
 Was Going  To Become A  Pain For A While 
 (Feel  Bad,  Do Not  Dare  Fall  Asleep, 
 Etc.), But Managed To  Fend That Off, So 
 At  The  End  It Was Only A Nice, Pretty 
            Trippy Experience.            
 By  The  Way   Everything  Is  A  Pretty 
 Trippy  Experience,  Sat  And Watched  A 
       Milk Carton And Just Whoaaaa