~     Sylveon     ~   
         Countersense Fairy    
 Appearance: Sylveon Resemble  Dogs  In  
  Many Ways,  With  Similar Small Bodies 
    And Faces. They Are Small  And  
       Nimble, And With White Fur.  
 The  Most  Striking  Feature Is      
 Their  "Ribbons",    Long Flat Feelers 
 That   They    Use  To  Bind    Or  To 
 Interface With    The Minds  Of Others 
   The Ribbons  Play  A Large  Social   
   Role   Among  Sylveons.           
   They  Induce A Sense Of Wellbeing, 
  And Can Ease  Pain  If   Applied    
 Close To A Wound.      It Is Thought 
 They  Feed  Off The  Pain Of  Others   
                  This  Way.   
      Sylveon  Are  Great  Partners 
 To Humans, But Care  Should  Be Taken   
 To Limit  Exposure  To    Ribbons,    
  Since  With  Prolonged Contact      
   The  Consciousnesses  Start To Blend, 
 An   Environment   In   Which         
 The Sylveon  Is  Much More  At  Home,   
    And    It   Will   Take   Advantage. 
 ...      !!!                         
 Its  Sap                         
         Poison        Putting 
 Thoughts    Into             
 Not    Killed.                     
   But  Is    Loyal    (Lie!  Lie!) 
 The Nature Of The Coma  Depends  On  The 
 Intensity Of The  Sylveon'S  Feeding.   
      You  Will  Succumb  To A    
         Fast-Growing  Addiction   
  That Leads To  A Submissive       
      And  Sluggish   State     
  Eventually  You Will  Slowly Slip  
   Into    A    Long    Slumber,   
  Becoming      Sap    In The Vines