tape dream                
 for  storing  music on.  also  data  but 
 at  this   point  in  time  that's   not 
        really important i think.         
      types of tape       
           class i - "bad" iron           
         class ii - good chromium         
       class iii - bad iron part two      
        class iv - dangerous metals       
 rumors exist about a secret class v tape 
         that is actually useful.         
 class  i  uses  one hundred  and  twenty 
   micro-something while the others all   
 use    seventy   of   the   same   unit. 
         aha and        
 class iv  is  apparently  too strong  to 
 be used  on class  i  players.  it  will 
 sound  too  lound  and  it   cannot   be 
 completely  erased.  this  is very well. 
   maybe some wonderful blending effects  
            could be achieved?            
 they  also gnaw at the tape heads  a bit 
     better than earlier tape types.      
 good tapes are  decent  and have a  good 
 high frequency presence,  bad  tapes are 
 lofi  if not outright bad. idk, i  kinda 
                 like it.                 
 bias  loss: if you forget the  bias  who 
 knows   whats  even  on  there   anymore 
  flutter: kinda quick pitch variations.  
   beautiful, wonderful, extraordinary.   
 wow: a slower  flutter,  usually several 
 seconds  long. what up.  both  of  these 
   increase when tape speed decreases.    
 print through: tapes rub sound  on  each 
 other  if  theyre  alone  for  too  long