tongue  care        
 the dragon's mouth is a highly corrosive 
 and toxic environment... how can they    
 take care of it... with outside help!    
   a kobold's tasks are teeth   
    care, tongue care, gum        
   care, other such cares.      
      a dragon's tongue is used for       
      eating, and kissing, and caressing, 
      and manipulating objects and        
   creatures both small and     
    large,                what    
              sets a dragon's   
  tongue apart, is it's crystal covering, 
  (for gripping prey). these must be      
  maintained properly     to avoid damage 
   or infection to the tongue   
    itself or to the mouth.       
   sometimes a tongue crystal   
     will grow in an awkward direction,   
 or get caught on another crystal, or     
   break off, get very sharp,             
         they might grow   
           on the wrong       
         side of the       
 without a kobold supply dragons have     
 been observed licking bedrock or exposed 
   ore.                    a kobold  
    will take up residency in or near 
   the dragons resting place "den",  
 nesting place, and from then on          
 routinely climb inside the mouth and     
 with files and brushes clean out debree  
    and gore, and with          
    files go over the             
    entire tongue area.         
                     kobolds are acquired 
 in a quite interesting way: a dragons    
 saliva is saturated with a               
       pheromone (analogous to the canine 
       predator mouth virus) that lure    
   kobolds... to come closer to the       
   dragon, and to adore the teeth...