[smell season]              
   welcome to --> six  [nine?] thirty    
   five thirty five twenty one eyed cat   
       [zones!] twenty three two ten      
       z seven zero one - gransholm       
        z seven one six - big city        
           abyss m eighty zeven           
              february first              
            x. a new character            
          xi. view over the city          
   [???] the [king?] leaves him be [???]  
     finds a system "clockwork" [???]     
     mink with snow teleport / [flowy]    
  lights / silver as a conduit for magic  
        / world jumping at sunset         
   i swear these pages keep rearranging   
           sideland, the augment          
    underworld, otherworld, underland,    
     can i write here in spite of the     
         translucense? yes, kinda         
     it's soon happening again. theres    
              something [???]             
  [xxxxxx] it will all [???] but there's  
      something you've got to know.       
    [???] comes afterwards. everything    
 changes. the [sun?] something [???] got  
                 to know.                 
 it's bitten you hard with its sharp wet  
   fangs and planted seeds of [???] and   
         friends - in your within         
  the stars are great creatures far away  
  and we're stealing energy from the sun  
 i have all reasons to like my bed. it's  
   comfortable, looks [luxury?] good to   
    the eye, and fits perfectly in the    
              room. but [???]             
  i haven't recieved any mail for several 
    days but today i [???] a spiritual    
     while trying to figure out if i      
     overdosed the tiger balm i [???]     
  i have no idea what life is but i think 
        the effects are wearing off       
      we cats come frome the land of      
   kirugu vargir, although some, such as  
      myself, live in the real world      
     [???] on a journey toward [???]      
          take care of the earth.         
      once more you enter the jungle.     
  the fey follow you - hidden deep within 
                your mind.                
   all is well in the squirrel kingdom.   
  the shadows were [???] voices and song  
         in a [???] dancing [???]         
  dull blows are felt through the ground  
          and in the tree trunks          
   there is no february first of twenty   
          oak, birch, sap, beech          
      outside of time and [???]memory     
      glowing, stretching, shifting       
      [reducing and floding and ???]      
      [a] promise of hiding yourself      
 width is dream [???] as sound is height  
              drink [absorb?]             
        sannyas = closing the doors       
           chapter two page nine          
      undoing yourself with energized     
      meditation and other devices -      
            christopher hyatt