the computer        
     incredibly weird artifact, data      
   processing tool, inventor, planner,    
   gear designer, music composer, glue,   
 not  entirely  human  made,  of  course. 
 a hundred old women understand one  tiny 
 trinket  each, and the  one  hundred and 
        first how to assemble them        
 in the beginning  a rythm, and a  way of 
 thought, carried on a dark  oaken  wind, 
 and   spread   from   girl   to    girl, 
 and  in time  the  taiwan  multinational 
          semiconductor company,          
 and  in  time they could forge their own 
    forgeries, and the forgeries would    
          shape their own intent          
 and the amiga was born (other  computers 
 are children of the  amiga (the amiga is 
             a kind of harpy))