jesper's field   
      suspicious and trap-like. just      
 east  of g-town, if you follow the train 
   tracks, suddenly the trees disappear   
 and make  way for  what looks like fifty 
 thousand  square meters of orange grass. 
        cold and endless metal rods       
 on  their  gravel bed,  but  just a  few 
 steps  down  and you're standing on  the 
 field's edge. you're  alone in  this. no 
       other creature will go here.       
 further ahead  you  can  see  bushes  in 
 various  colors,   giving   the  area  a 
 flowery vibe. they  are thorny,  and the 
 color    comes    from   their    twigs. 
      the real secret of the field is     
 the  depth  beneath  it.   there  is  no 
 ground.  the  grass might  be  tall  and 
 bushy, but  the  roots  have nothing  to 
 grow in. they will huddle together  in a 
 dense   carpet  but   dare   not   stray 
   modern   chrome and   reach your   
  european   plastic    destination   
   comfort   leather    effortlessly