report on                
             jwh zero eighteen            
  we decided to smoke the drug in a barn  
  that holds great nostalgia for us all.  
    we went inside and to the highest     
   floor, where we sat down in the hay.   
    after a while began the collective    
   process of rolling another joint, but  
  here our friend started to laugh their  
 most fucked up laugh, and wouldn't stop  
           for several minutes.           
  when they came to they said this to me: 
      our faces had been shaped like      
 pentagrams in the darkness of the barn,  
  we were long worms, with hairy tubular  
    bodies dancing from side to side,     
         begging for cigarettes...        
   our lingering came to an end when we   
   headed into the city core. four hours  
 after our first toke we found ourselves  
    in a dark slope beneath a gigantic    
               water tower.               
 the time was in the post-twelves of the  
  night when we rolled a joint with pure  
 cannabinoid-leaf, no tobacco, and i was  
         thrown into a nightmare.         
   as i watched, the city became a wall,  
  and i was hanging above the while world 
  in a strange and underworldly forest,   
 pushed upwards against the ground below. 
     i was then struck with the most      
  powerful fear. a force compelled me to  
  subvocalize, but the words were not my  
  it  shines  through  earth  and   
    flesh  alike  and  the  light    
  will  find  you  the  light  will  
   devour  you  you  were  chosen   
  you  were  chosen  a  very  long  
               time  ago                
    i could not move, and my voice was    
   small when i asked my friends why we   
   had done this, how such events could   
      take place. but my friends were     
       completely still and silent.       
  and then, astral projection. i saw the  
  city from above, from above the clouds, 
    a space station... and the tower, a   
  monolith, unearthly white, antenna to   
 speak to me... the most beautiful view.  
  i saw myself down there, body shaking,  
           speaking gibberish.            
 here's a whole block of time eradicated  
    from my mind, no doubt eaten by the   
  disease, but when i came to i had come  
   to terms with my imminent death. the   
  city-entity wanted me gone, by way of   
  psychic erosion and cold temperatures.  
  it could've been below zero. we got up  
   and wandered the streets to keep warm  
       until the sun finally rose.