house dream               
  there's a recurring house dream, or,  
  a recurring way thos dreams are       
  constructed, a way they take place..  
  i wander around in a building, often  
  governmental or corporate, like a     
  school or office, looking to get to   
  a place, or to exit the building, or  
  somesuch thing.                       
  but, the building has an infinite     
  floor plan? it's growing as i move    
  through it, often burrowing several   
  floors below ground.                  
  as i open doors, i get in corridors,  
  who lead to rooms, downward stairs,   
  more corridors, suddenly offices,     
  control centers, furnaces, nuclear    
  power plants...                       
  in these dreams, it's a rare thing i  
   get out. sometimes i get lucid        
   because of reflection on the           
   structure of these buildings.         
   a fave variant on this dream is        
   when it's not a house but a dam, or    
  other such large concrete structure    
   around water.                          
   i get stuck on some causeway, or      
   maybe flooded away... maybe night is   
   falling quick and i can't see...       
   once or twice i've drowned,,,    owo