House Dream               
  There'S A Recurring House Dream, Or,  
  A Recurring Way Thos Dreams Are       
  Constructed, A Way They Take Place..  
  I Wander Around In A Building, Often  
  Governmental Or Corporate, Like A     
  School Or Office, Looking To Get To   
  A Place, Or To Exit The Building, Or  
  Somesuch Thing.                       
  But, The Building Has An Infinite     
  Floor Plan? It'S Growing As I Move    
  Through It, Often Burrowing Several   
  Floors Below Ground.                  
  As I Open Doors, I Get In Corridors,  
  Who Lead To Rooms, Downward Stairs,   
  More Corridors, Suddenly Offices,     
  Control Centers, Furnaces, Nuclear    
  Power Plants...                       
  In These Dreams, It'S A Rare Thing I  
   Get Out. Sometimes I Get Lucid        
   Because Of Reflection On The           
   Structure Of These Buildings.         
   A Fave Variant On This Dream Is        
   When It'S Not A House But A Dam, Or    
  Other Such Large Concrete Structure    
   Around Water.                          
   I Get Stuck On Some Causeway, Or      
   Maybe Flooded Away... Maybe Night Is   
   Falling Quick And I Can'T See...       
   Once Or Twice I'Ve Drowned,,,    Owo