maybe i'm born with it!          
     maybe it's cat piss!             
              fear of ai is the truth 
         leaking in but still colored 
        by the simulation. in reality 
             the mycelial network has 
    overtaken earth and put us under. 
                it's p. much the matrix 
 this  is why the collective subconscious 
 works.   similarly,  history  is  always 
 defined  by   what  we   think  it   is. 
 battle  between  fungal species?  are we 
 too  powerful   and   will   create  the 
 mushroom  again,       inside? 
 dreams are of the  network. "gateway  to 
 old  earth".  maybe  outer/inner  earth. 
 in  this  reality  there  are  only  two 
 materials:   "plastic"    and    "fruit" 
     (bassically    inorganic    and    
         organic    materials)        
 i'd pay in  blood to thin out the border 
 between   dream  and  reality.   between 
 dream and dream.  last one  told me that 
 work was  caging me in a  damp  and oily 
 basement   jail   cell.             
 they brainwash me  at work by having  my 
 password  be bad for my  fingers,  makes 
 me physically ill to type it,  and  then 
 they reject  fourty  percent of my login 
 attempts   to  have  me  type  it  more, 
 i  call an emergency hotline:  "we can't 
 tell  you what's  wrong with  you.  your 
 story   is   your  own,  nobody  elses."