Roads Are Physical Representations Of   
 The Lines  On  MapS That Tell  You Where 
             You Can Travel.              
 Those  Called Roads Are  For  Cars.  For 
 Bikes  They Are Called PathS, For Trains 
          They Are Called RailS.          
 When  Traveling  By Foot, You Can Follow 
          All Of These, Or None.          
    Most Roads Are Elevated, Suspended    
 Between   Three  To   A  Hundred  (Rare) 
 Meters Above Ground.  The Closer You Get 
 To  A  City, The  More  Intertwined They 
 In   Such  Areas,   All  Crossings   And 
 Intersections Are Placed In TunnelS,  Or 
   Special Tower-Like Structures Called   
 OutpostS,  Which Enfold  The Roads Where 
              They Interact.              
 Here And There You Will  Find Symbols In 
 White, On The  Asphalt. These Are  Meant 
 To   Tell   The   Drivers   About   What 
 Manouvers  They  Allowed  To Perform  On 
     That Particular Stretch Of Road.     
 However, Some Creatures Paint Their  Own 
   Illicit Symbols Encoding Territorial   
    Claims, Nearby Resources, Or Other    
      Unknown And Mysterious Things.