page    on    snake   handling.     
    the goal is anyway to become lucid    
    inside the dream (if the dream is a   
    container) or while the dream takes   
    place (if it is an event). this is    
       somehow to do with serpents.       
  i knew there would  be  snakes, they  
  have this particular shape  to them,  
    makes   them   fit  into  cracks,   
          into          seams.          
  (since realm-travelness is inversely  
  proportional to size; larger animals  
      have     to    stay     put.      
   snakes  can  cheat  this  by  being  
      almost     one-dimensional.)      
   eitherway. i did not fully understand  
  which role they would play, or exactly  
    which snakes they would be - the    
         nagas! the snake people.         
  you will want them to guide you if you  
   can. they are excellent nidra guides,  
    and many will take you on pro bono    
   (i suspect they find amusement in our  
    attempts to travel where we are not   
 easy to be.) the problem is finding one. 
  don't fret if your  meeting does not  
   go  well - talking  to a  snake is   
  often  a recursive matter. you  will  
   meet many times as you fall deeper,  
   once per stage,  the  snake  taking  
  various forms in succession (stream,  
  snake, half-snake,  queen,  stream,   
    thunder).  you  must  repeat  all   
  pleasantries each time  as if you've  
  never before met (although the snake  
  may choose to address you as  an old  
   friend, follow  their  lead if so).  
   they have something to do with water,  
  some close relation to it. i've yet to  
    uncover what this is. but you might   
   have a higher chance of finding one    
       close to a river or lake...?       
 i've also heard them mentioned together  
   with caves or "the world beneath the   
   world". coincidence? you find regular  
   snakes in regular caves. or - could    
  this be a reference to the dark lake?   
   the holy water in the center of your   
             chest. guardians?